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Inkwell Proofreading has been running as a small, personal service since 2011.  As such, we are able to give feedback and discuss issues arising in the editing of your work in detail – as the recommendations given by clients can testify.  We specialise in copy-editing academic writing for authors, lecturers and students, and we can undertake work from proposals of a few hundred words to full-length volumes.  We have a particular interest in work focussed on problematic social issues such as conflict transformation, gender inequalities, human rights andarabic intercultural/interreligious dialogue, and we can allow substantial discounts for work relating to these.  However, we can also proofread purely technical work, including reformatting equations, at competitive prices.

Rather than making mindless corrections, at Inkwell we take great care to follow your argument relying on an intelligent understanding of the subject matter.  We consider it important to be aware of the context of the ideas being expressed by the client and to do so we draw on our backgrounds in social science and science, and on our reading in a variety of areas including development work,chinese global politics, aid issues, and post-structural explorations of inequality.  This broad-based background puts us in a good position to pick up on factual errors and to know where to search to ensure that specific issues and timelines are valid. 
Moreover, we appreciate that, as a writer, the character of your work is always individual – some writers use a very clinical style while others may be more expressive, some use language developed through post-modern discourse; some are even poetic.  As proofreaders, we respect how important it is to keep the work true to its original style using clear prose, however many corrections are needed.

What you can expect from Inkwell Proofreading …

  • Thorough, careful work. Please see the comments posted below and our Recommendations page for any reassurance you may need that our work is of excellent quality and value!
  • Broad background knowledge so we can read with awareness of the context of your subject.
  • Intelligent feedback regarding the overall coherence and consistency of the work.  This includes whether your introduction and conclusion reflect the main discussion and whether there are any points of contradiction.
  • Advice and corrections regarding presentational issues including repetition, ambiguity, and referencing styles.
  • Extra copies showing all changes made and comments to ensure clarity and help with use of English.
  • Technical advice regarding use of Microsoft Word, in particular, the review function, including comments and markup.
  • Free trial, great respect for deadlines, money back guarantee and an entirely confidential service.

we dont
We are both extremely conscientious freelancers who are highly committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and always open to discussing any issues relating to the work.  Moreover, we have few overheads (no agency fees or commission) so we are able to charge considerably less than a larger organisation for high quality work and offer a much more personal, responsive service.


Thank you for your time in reading this,
Jessica and Anna






6 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Dear All,
    It brings me great pleasure to write a few lines about Jessica. I am an international student and am doing my MSc in Public Policy from University of Bristol. As an international student writing essays for me was a very difficult task, as the system of assessing students in my country is entirely different. Initially i lost confidence, but after completing my first essay I sent it to jessica. Her feedback was very very contructive and her words of encouragment raised my moral. After that i completed rest of my essays and was able to score distinction in my essays. I strogly reccomend that international students get their essays proof read from inkwwll. I t will be very helpful.


  2. Totally, She has helped me for two terms’ assessment, all of them have achieved good marks. Her service is very useful and helpful that can improve the quality of essay to a higher step. I strongly recommend inkwell proofreading to international students.


  3. I am an international student, doing MSC public policy at the university of Bristol. Jessica’s (Inkwell proof reading) proof reading service had helped me a lot and as well added a value to my grade,as i have received good marks in my first and 2nd term of the MSc programme, So i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to most of the international students and as well national student’s to go for a Inkwell proof reading service, becouse she also helps to improve the coherence of your work and comments areas need further improvements, thats how i built in a a well structured essays,which attracted good marks. Faiza/University of Bristol/Somalia


  4. While studying and researching in the UK as an international student, I needed to have some extra support in order to produce accurate work. I tried two quite expensive proof readers but I was not satisfied until I met Jessica. Jessica did my proof reading and made me really impressed in a sense that she is not only a reasonable, dedicated, honest and reliable person but also she has the required intellectual depth as well as a vast knowledge about other ethnicities and cultures that makes a big difference and made her prominent among other proof readers. For example, my research was related to Women’s Studies and my PhD was about remote areas of Asia but the way she handled it and made me understand the subtle delicacies of language in terms of producing a better work is remarkable. I am extremely thankful to Jessica for her kind and timely support and assistance that helped me to improve the quality of my work.


  5. جسيكا هى اكثر من رائعة ودائما تحرص على ان تقوم بعملها بأحترافية كبيرة وحساسية عالية حتى لا تغيير المعنى المقصود
    احببت دقتها فى الترجمة والتركيز وكيف انها تتحرى معك حول مقصدك اذا لم يكن واضحا
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