“Dear Jessica, your meticulous work on our recent publication, Inclusive Innovation for Sustainable Development, transformed a disparate set of conference papers into a coherent and consistent text. You did a great job, thank you.”

Alan Hunter. Professor of Asian Studies, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK.

Co-editor: Inclusive Innovation for Sustainable Development, Theory and Practice, published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

* * *

“Waxaan aad uga mahadnaqayaa taageeradadii aad ii muujisay intii aan waxbarashada waday. Si gaara waxaan uga mahad naqayaa sidaad iiga saaciday hab qoraaleedkayga dhinacyada qaabdhismeedka, isku xidhnaanta iyo xulashada kalmaha haboon ee dhaman qoraaladii aan sameeyay iyo cilmibaadhistay diiba. Musaacadada aad ii mujisay darteed waxa aan helay darajo sare dhamaan qoraaladii aad iga caawisay, sidoo kalana aniga laftaydaa ka helay aqoon iyo waayo aragnimo. Waxaan si kalsooni leh ugula talinaya cid kasta oo rabta inay samayso qoraal tayo leh inay ka faa’iidaysato adeega Inkwell Proofread iyo Jessica Aitken.”

Client’s translation from Somali: “I am grateful for the massive support Jessica has provided me over my studies. I must acknowledge your immense contribution to the design, structure, coherence and wording for my essays, presentations, reports, dissertation and everything I need in my write-ups. Consequently, my grades have improved getting me an overall distinction while I have gained personal development on your services. From that experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inkwell Proofreading services to any person intending quality writing.”

Hamse Koshin. MSc in Conflict, Security and Development, University of Exeter/ Somalia

* * *

The next entry consists of excerpts from Professor Hardy’s (Coventry University) recommendation. For the full version, read more here

Quite separate from high levels of effective attention to language and grammar, to sentence and paragraph structure, to meaning and clarity, Jessica has a distinctive ability to take a holistic approach to the manuscript, a high level and overarching approach that in many instances picked up potential contradictions or repetitions across different chapters by different writers.

Jessica is a patient and time-conscious professional, meeting deadlines without exception and negotiating timelines openly and effectively, able to adjust these when we had delays. We valued Jessica’s honesty, her directness and her ability to challenge with criticism […] in the interest of the quality and impact of the publication. A class act!.”

Professor Mike Hardy CMG OBE FRSA. Executive Director, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, UK

Co-editor: Muslim Identity in a Turbulent Age, published by Jessica Kingsley, December 2016.

This received a Bronze Medal for Current Events (Social Issues/Humanitarian) in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

* * *

“It brings me great pleasure to write a few lines about Jessica. I am an international student and completed my MSc in Public Policy from University of Bristol. As an international student writing essays for me was a very difficult task, as the system of assessing students in my country is entirely different. Initially, I lost confidence, but after completing my first essay I sent it to Jessica. Her feedback was very very constructive and her words of encouragement raised my moral. After that, I completed rest of my essays and was able to score distinction in my essays. I strongly recommend that international students get their essays proofread from Inkwell. It will be very helpful.”

Usman Ahmed..  MSc Social Policy.  Bristol University /Somalia.

* * *

“I cannot find the words that can explain how much of a pleasure it was working with Jessica on my PHD dissertation. She played such a big role, and without an editor as understanding, organised, dedicated, and brilliant, I would still be working on my dissertation for at least an additional year! The quality of her work is outstanding, she cared about my dissertation as though it was her own. What she produced is better than anything I ever expected. And at a time when I was under so much time pressure, and things seemed all tangled up and complicated, and when I even doubted I can finish my PHD on time, she was such a relief! I continue to work with Jessica today whenever we produce new material at my work. I highly recommend her, and you will surely enjoy knowing her.”

Dr Hitham Kayali. Former director of the Palestinian National Authority’s National Economic Fund and ProsperPalestine.

* * *

“Jessica, I would like to thank you for your fantastic editing of the book chapter. Your suggestions were very considerate and valuable indeed (I am not exaggerating). I took all your recommendation including switching the positions of two paragraphs and adding a number of new sentences.”

Dr SungYong Lee. Lecturer at National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, NZ/ Korea. Editor at CESRAN.

* * *

“Dear Jessica,

Let us thank for your great job by some specifications:

You had to correct the text of two foreign authors, a Chinese and a German. You had to do this as a native speaker. This, we point out because it may be a special task with special challenges.

More than two years you accompanied us continously and patiently. As we produced our texts step by step you got them for proofreading from time to time. Sometimes we need an immediate proofreading under the special circumstances of short-time plans. Each time you arranged a prompt proofreading that was very important for us.

As our book is a very special (more than 250 slides per page, and comments to each slide) with 250 topics you had to consider into 250 issues and topics. Not easy for proofreading. Proofreading, you see, is much more than only correction of formulations, of grammar and spelling. Proofreading in our case is at first the engagement with difficult contents.
You solved the problems genialy: often you presented alternate formulations when you wasn’t sure what we wanted to say. Or you offered formulations in terms of a better understanding of our slides and comments from the perspective of our future readers.

All in all you did a great job! Thank you, dear Jessica!”

Prof Cheng Liu. UNESCO Chair, Nanjing University, China and

Prof Egon Spiegel. Vechta University, Germany.

Co-authors: Peacebuilding in a Globalised World. An Illustrated Introduction to Peace Studies, 2015.

*  *  *

“After having completed the proofreading with Jessica, I can only be grateful to the attention and commitment that she has shown throughout the time of proofreading. The email communication was impressive and always timely.

Her attention to details like choice of words, grammar, structure and suggestions, was excellent and very important. I was impressed with the quality of your work and style. Thank you so much.”

Dr Iyas Salim. PhD related to Muslim civil society and values, human rights, development, Gaza and globalization. Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto / Gaza, Palestine.

*  *  *


“Thank you very much for your excellent proofreading for my thesis titled “Peace Education in Iraqi Kurdistan Schools”. It was such an excellent experience in dealing with you in term of price, efficiency, valuable comments, and deadline commitment. She works in a friendly, easy going, easy communication (prompt answer to emails) and most importantly she loves her work, so when she does proofreading, she enjoys reading and love the subject. I really recommend her to international students and to native speakers too as she provide valuable comments.”

Dr Maamoon Alsayid Mohammed. PhD thesis. Centre for Peace Trust and Social Relations, Coventry / Lecturer at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Duhok University, Iraqi Kurdistan.

*  *  *


“Allow me also to share with you how impressed I am with your work. I sincerely mean it and very much appreciate it. On top of your professional proofreading, you completely transformed this process from a boring review (that I had in mind so far) into an exciting interaction and I thought I should credit you with this success and feeling. I learn a lot from you, thank you!”

Dr Ioannis Chapsos. Research Fellow in Maritime Security, Coventry University / Greece.   

*  *  *.

“物美价廉 优质高效 有了inkwell 妈妈再也不用担心我的学习了!!给力!!”

(“It means you provide good service for a low price. And you do good proofreading in a short time. With Inkwell, my mother won’t worry about my study anymore.”).

Anqi Zhao. MA dissertation in Management, York University / China.

*  *  *.

“Adeega Jessica wuxuu ahaa mid aad u qiimo badan. Si mug leh ayuu iiga caawiyey qaabeynta qoraalada, tafaftirka iyo waliba sixitaanka luuqada. Wuxuu ii suurto galiyey inaan darajo fiican ka keeno dhamaan shaqo hawleedyadii Jaamacada.

Waxaan ku dhiirigalinayaa ardeyga aan luuqada Ingiriiska u dhalan inay ka faaiideystaan.”

Client’s translation: “Your proofreading reading service was really very significant, useful and supporting. It would not have possible for me to got distinction in most of my courses without Jessica’s proofreading service. The service helped in terms of essay structuring, editing and grammatical errors. More importantly, Jessica’s service is cost effective and always timely. Jessica’s recommendations were also very useful for the smooth running of my program.

I encourage all second language students to take advantage of this important service.”

Bashe Yusuf. LLM Masters in Law, Hertford, UK / Somaliland.

*  *  *


“Thank you so much for your incredible work. I think that your precise comments and especially your suggestions are really helpful to express my ideas in a more clear way! Thank you also for stressing the footnotes’ issue!”

Sofia B. MA dissertation in English Literature. York / Greece.

*  *  *.

“I have always prided myself on being a careful and naturally proficient writer, however, Jessica at Inkwell made numerous suggestions for style and clarity that I gladly accepted, and would never have spotted however many re-reads I did.  Her communications via email were consistently prompt and efficient, with a clear schedule of services, and she always returned work in ample time for the deadlines I had given … Having never considered using a proofreader/editor in the past, I will certainly be using Inkwell from now on”.

Simon Cornell. Successful application to read Classics at Cambridge, UK.

*  *  *


“Your keen eye, probing questions and diligence is quite remarkable. I have worked with other editors (personally and as an academic assistant) who fall short. I had a friend read some of my dissertation while I was at school who was very good but he didn’t have as many useful comments as you.”

Dr Douglas Green. Academic author. USA / Coventry Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

Another Step Forward, 2013, published by Edwin Mellen Press.

*  *  *.

“Thank you very much for your help not only with my dissertation but also throughout other assignments that I had to hand in over the course of my postgraduate degree. I was awarded an upper second class (65%) on my MSc dissertation. I really appreciated the work you did revising these assignments, especially given that they came from a diverse range of subjects and that you were able to revise them all according to their academic specificities. As well as the work that you did revising my work, I also greatly appreciated the personal feedback you gave of the works in question and the comments that you gave, especially in my last assignment that focused on the right of Indigenous populations in Colombia.”

Christopher Ferguson, MSC, University College London / Colombia.

                                                                                           *  *  *.

“While studying and researching in the UK as an international student, I needed to have some extra support in order to produce accurate work. I tried two quite expensive proof readers but I was not satisfied until I met Jessica. Jessica did my proof reading and made me really impressed in a sense that she is not only a reasonable, dedicated, honest and reliable person but also she has the required intellectual depth as well as a vast knowledge about other ethnicities and cultures that makes a big difference and made her prominent among other proof readers. For example, my research was related to Women’s Studies and my PhD was about remote areas of Asia but the way she handled it and made me understand the subtle delicacies of language in terms of producing a better work is remarkable. I am extremely thankful to Jessica for her kind and timely support and assistance that helped me to improve the quality of my work.”

Shahnaz B Laghari, Phd in Women’s Studies, York / Pakistan.

                                                                                     *  *  *


“I am an international student, doing MSC public policy at the university of Bristol. Jessica’s (Inkwell proof reading) proof reading service had helped me a lot and as well added a value to my grade,as i have received good marks in my first and 2nd term of the MSc programme, So i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to most of the international students and as well national student’s to go for a Inkwell proof reading service, becouse she also helps to improve the coherence of your work and  comments areas need further improvements, thats how i built in a a well structured essays,which attracted good marks.”

 Faiza Mohamed, MSc Social Policy Studies, University of Bristol / Somalia.

*  *  *.


Google translation (without proofreading!): Thank you, Jessica helped me by doing the proofreading of the dissertation. The two versions (one with changes made good, another showing all changes) is very convenient. Get to change a good article I read through and find change really super seriously, and a lot of changes to the minutiae of the entire sentence or paragraph meant more clarity. And her super-good person, and when I raised two issues, she was on the phone and emailed to me to patiently explain, and so understanding I felt almost embarrassed. Although the results are not yet out, I’m sure they did not find her before much better. Yes, there are two things, cheap, high efficiency! Haha strongly recommended.)

Jason, MA dissertation in Busines Studies, York University / China.

*  *  *


“Yes I will be very happy to recommend your work. It was very fast and efficient and it helps me understand my English much better. And writing academically. You wrote it as I wanted to see it – my ideas without my confusing English. I got very good marks. Muchas Gracias.”

Maria Garcia,  MA in Development Studies,  Ecuador.

*  *  *.


بحسن سعيد  طالبة دراسات عليا

جيسيكا ايتكين هي من ذوي الخبرة المذهلة للتجارب المطبعية، وتصحيح الأخطاء المطبعية في المقالات مما جعلني أشعر أن معظم المتحدثين بلغة غير اللغة الإنجليزية حقا بحاجة الى قارئ دليل كبير مثل جيسيكا، لأنها كانت قادرة على ضمان النحو والإملاء وعلامات الترقيم حتى جعلت  المهمة الصعبة سهلة المنال والحصول عليها  أثناء تأدية الأعمال الكبيرة أيضا.

قيمة أخرى  لخدمات جيسيكا والتى حقا أعجبتني أنها سهلت لي القراءة وبشكل تلقائي لإدراك المعنى الحقيقي والإستفادة من المناهج المطلوبة قبل نهاية المواعيد، وساعدتني على الحصول على شرح وتفاصيل وفيرة عند الحاجة إلى معرفة جملة أو كلمة معينة. كما كانت حذرة للغاية لتصحيح قواعد اللغة دون تغيير معنى كلامي.

وأشكرها أيضا على الخدمة التى أسدتها لي وبسعر منخفض.

المخلصة لك

بحسن سعيد 

“Waxyaabaha kale qiimaha u yeelaya adeegyada Jessica , ee runtii aan aad  iyo aad ula cajabay waa deg dega, waayo waxay iga caawisay inaan qoraalkayga gudbiyo waqtigii loogu talagalay, waxyaabaha kale oo aanka helay waxaa ka mid ah, waxay raacisaa qoraalo yaryar oo qeexaya isbedelka ay ku samaysay qoraalkaaga, waxay kale aad iyo aad uga  fowjigantahay inay saxdo qoraalkaaga iyada waxba ka bedelin macnihii qoraalka.

 Dhaqaalaha waa muhiim,Qiimo jaban, ooku raali galinaya, iyo qiimo dhimis waxay ahaayeen runtii kuwo deeqsinimo ku jirto.”

Baxsan Saciid

Client’s translation: Other values of Jessica services that I really admired include instant proof reading, because meeting one year MA taught deadlines was tremendously difficult job and Jessica helped me on this.  She also showed all the changes she had made and explained many with notes, and she was very careful to correct the grammar without changing the meaning of my words. 


Bahsan Said, MA in Women’s Studies,  York University / Somalia.

*  *  *.

“And for sure I will recommend others in my field of work to use your services, before I sent you the sample of my work, I have contacted other organization and sent them same sample I sent you, and none of the them was close to your work – in terms of quality and price. I am sure your services is advertising itself .”

Charles Immu,. Report on Somalia.

*  *  *


“A caring, understanding and practical person.  I reccomend Jessica Aitken as a hard worker and dedicated prooreader.  Jessica helped me through ny NVQ3 in Care Work.  She is reliable, honest and accurate in her line of work.  She is very confidential when it comes to proofreading.”

Heidi Swift, NVQ 3  Care Work, York.

*  *  *.


Client’s translation: “Jessica helped me to correct two 4000 words essays last term, her work is really efficient and easy to understand.  She  also gave me lots of advice about the whole structure and problems of my essay which I find extremely helpful. I feel very happy to work with Jessica and both of my essays got good results.”

Later – “My result of dissertation came out, I got distinction. I am so happy and want to thank you again about your help, without your effort I can not make it”.  Caesar, MA York / China .

Caesar/Pei Miao,  MA dissertation, Development Studies, York University / China.

*  *  *


“Πρόσφατα είχα την ευχάριστη ευκαιρία να συνεργαστώ με την Jessica Aitken εξαιρετική διορθώτρια και συνεπής στην δουλειά της. Συγκεκριμένα μου διόρθωσε το πρώτο κεφάλαιο της διατριβής μου σε τεχνικό επίπεδο. Σύμφωνα με τα σχόλια της συνειδητοποίησα πως είχε πλήρως καταλάβει τι ακριβώς ήθελα να πω και κατάφερε να προτείνει πανομοιότυπες εκφράσεις στα Αγγλικά που εγώ δεν θα μπορούσα να σκεφτώ.

 Θα συνιστούσα, λοιπόν, την Jessica, σε φίλους μου που τυχαίνει να χρειάζονται διορθωτή και εγώ φυσικά όταν χρειαστεί να ξαναγράψω εργασία θα την συμβουλευτώ οπωσδήποτε.

Με εκτίμηση ”    Σοφία

Client’s translation:  “I recently had the pleasant opportunity to cooperate with Jessica Aitken, a brilliant proofreader and accurate in her job. In particular, she proofread the first chapter of my dissertation in a technical level. According to her comments Ι realised that she had completely understood what I wanted to express and she managed to suggest similar phrases in English which I would never have thought.

 So, I would definitely suggest Jessica to friends of mine who might need a proofreader and when I will need to write again an essay I will take her advice for sure.”

Sofia Angelara,  MA dissertation in Literature, York University / Greece.


2 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. Jessica Aitken Thank you very much for your excellent proofreading for my thesis titled “Peace Education in Iraqi Kurdistan Schools”. It was such an excellent experience in dealing with you in term of price, efficiency, valuable comments, and deadline commitment. She works in a friendly, easy going, easy communication (prompt answer to emails) and most importantly she loves her work, so when she does proofreading, she enjoys reading and love the subject. I really recommend her to international students and to native speakers too as she provide valuable comments.
    Maamoon Mohammed. Center for Peace Trust and Social Relations. Coventry University.


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