English as a Foreign Language

However sophisticated or intelligent your ideas, it is a sad fact that your work is liable to be misunderstood or undervalued if your English isn’t excellent – no matter how complex the argument you are presenting. Whether you are completing a PhD, writing a simple report or editing a volume with several authors, having work copy-edited can provide a main support in ensuring your work is presented as favourably as possible for publication or examination.
Moreover, having feedback regarding the nuances of your written English can make a crucial difference to its effectiveness. In addition to our general comments regarding grammar and meaning, we can include notes indicating points where you appear to misunderstand a particular English idiom or repeat grammatical mistakes.  Consequently, we often notice a significant improvement in the use of English of both students and professionals.

However, while proofreading can transform your work, there are also drawbacks, especially where complex or new ideas are involved.  If your proofreader is not extremely careful, it is easy to change the meaning of your work, misinterpret phrases and even alter your whole argument through very slight changes.  These can be very difficult to notice however good your English, so it is important to use only good quality professionals.  At Inkwell, as well as reading work extremely thoroughly, we indicate any point where there hindiis any possible misunderstanding so as to ensure we have followed your intentions correctly.
Grammatical mistakes often pass without comment from tutors or friends, either due to politeness or because familiarity with your subject means they assume your meaning is clear. Moreover, even if your English is nearly perfect, it can be useful to have a least one piece of work proofread as this can clear up any bad habits in your writing. In the notes we return with your work, we can draw your attention to these and indicate how to correct them.
As anyone who works using English as a second or third language knows, English can have illogical twists of expression and using these well can give a sophisticated impression of your work. urduHowever, if you use them inappropriately it can – at best – seem funny, but it may also appear pretentious, or even stupid. Therefore, we take care to explain the subtleties involved in these.  job of a prof
Here are some comments from clients. See more comments on our Recommendations page.
“It brings me great pleasure to write a few lines about Jessica. I am an international student and completed my MSc in Public Policy from University of Bristol. As an international student writing essays for me was a very difficult task, as the system of assessing students in my country is entirely different. Initially, I lost confidence, but after completing my first essay I sent it to Jessica. Her feedback was very very constructive and her words of encouragement raised my moral. After that, I completed rest of my essays and was able to score distinction in my essays. I strongly recommend that international students get their essays proofread from Inkwell. It will be very helpful.”
Usman Ahmed. MSc Social Policy. Bristol University /Somalia.
“And for sure I will  recommend  others in my field of work to use your services, before I sent you the sample of my work, I have contacted other organization and sent them same sample I sent you, and none of the them was close to your work – in terms of quality and price. I am sure your services is advertising itself .”  Charles Immu,  Somalia.
“Jessica上个学期帮助我修改了两篇4000字的小论文,她的修改非常有效率而且清晰易懂,与此同时她还热心的为我整体的框架和小论文的不足之处提出了建议,对我的论文写作有很大帮助。与Jessica合作的很愉快,且两篇小论文都取得了不错的成绩”  Caesar, York University/ China.
Translation: “Jessica helped me to correct two 4000 words essays last term, her work is really efficient and easy to understand.  She  also gave me lots of advice about the whole structure and problems of my essay which I find extremely helpful. I feel very happy to work with Jessica and both of my essays got good results.”


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