Academic proofreaders needed

We often have too much work at Inkwell, so I’m looking out for other proofreaders to pass work on to. Ideally, I would like to have a contact list or a network of other proofreaders so I could ask someone with the appropriate background for the subject matter.

This wouldn’t mean regular work but, if you’re interested, please get in touch. You would have to be experienced and have a sound academic background, as well as being a native English speaker. I’m also quite concerned to run Inkwell as ethically as possible so an interest in this would also be worth mentioning.

2 thoughts on “Academic proofreaders needed

  1. Hello, I am a freelance academic editor who has been working with scholars and graduate students. I edit for journal papers, dissertations, etc. Could you please send me more info at



    • Dear Jessica,

      Thank you for your response, your work background sounds very useful. I will reply in detail at the weekend as I have had a lot of replies in various forms but before replying more fully I need to complete a lot of work for a deadline tomorrow.

      Many thanks


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